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We have Wi-Fi!!!


Thoughts for the day.

We have been having Wi-Fi connection problems so please forgive the delay with the blog. It seems to come and go and it is mostly gone!!!
The group has been doing so much it just seems like we have had no time to sit down and think about what we have been doing or what we have seen. I hope the blog has given you some ideas of what the desert is like and maybe you will want to visit this country in the future.

Rebecca Lawrence
So far the trip has been amazing but the best part so far has to be the camel ride and camping in the desert. Being able to look up at the stars, while being on top of a camel is really something unique and fun. I named my camel caramel and then in the morning when it was light out I discovered caramel was black so then he got named not so caramel camel. I will never forget any part of the camel ride.

Aditi Sudan
The whole trip thus far has been unreal! We have had amazing experiences and we have had the chance to stay in beautiful accommodations– our tents in the desert rank the highest there. So far everything has been fabulous!

Sarah Psiurski
The best part of the trip so far has definitely been riding camels out into the desert under the stars, the gorgeous desert camp (that looked like the Triwizard Cup!) with the fire, drums and singing, and watching the sun rise over the sand dunes! I'm gonna miss my little camel, who I named Parsley.

Lisa Sterr
The diversity in this country is hard to wrap my head around. Visiting the massive medina in Fez was an incredible experience. In the loud and narrow alleys you could smell everything from scent of caca channel to freshly baked bread and burning incense. We saw everything from mounds of dates to actual goat heads for sale! I'm glad we didn't lose anybody in the 9500 alleys that make up the largest medina in Fez!

Serena Riel
Camel ride under the moonlight is the most amazing thing I've experienced in my life, so I'm going to go with that as being my highlight for the trip so far!
Also the tour of the medina in Fes is something that will stay with me. It was absolutely incredible.
I cannot tell you how much everything we've done has meant to me! And we’re only halfway!
Serena :)

Stephanie Craigen My thoughts on the trip so far:
I have found this trip to be absolutely fantastic! I barely remember what we've done because it's been such a blur with little sleep but I am loving every minute of it.
My highlights are being able to visit Frankfurt during our connection and CAMELS!!!! (Also the fact that it felt like we were at the Quidditch World Cup during our camping night :))

Nerima's thoughts:
I really enjoyed riding the Camels and staying at the camp. The sunrise was one of the most magical moments of my life. OMG CAMELS.
See mom and dad I told you I would be safe. Stop worrying.

Ali's thoughts:
Morocco is really beautiful. The sights, sounds, people, food and the culture are much more beautiful than any picture could ever show. The people are laid back and friendly. It is a fun place to be with tons to do. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to experience a beautiful new culture and amazing new land.
PS: CAMELS are dope.

Laura's thoughts:
The first day in Frankfurt was amazing. Can't remember half the things we did in Morocco, but the CAMELS were awesome. Other than the fact that the airline lost my luggage for 5 days *coughlufthansacough*, this trip has been amazing. Redwine is an awesome tour guide.
PS: I had to buy new clothes. Best thing ever is to put on new clothes after wearing dirty ones for 3 days straight.

Abby Willett
Sorry this took so long. My brain is not functioning at capacity right now lol. I would have to say that the first day was my favourite so far. We hit a lot of historical sites and learned about the history of Morocco. Great way to kick off the trip seeing as we were all high energy and excited to get rolling. I would like to voice that it irritates me how our personal stops, such as; bank machine, bathroom breaks, and water breaks are not more structured. It takes too much time of our day and believe that we can work towards minimizing frequent stops. 30-60 bottles of water could be bought and placed in the storage located under the bus. Bathroom and bank stops are more difficult, but encourage lending money between friends until we conveniently find a place to stop. As for departure times. We have yet to leave on timeout the morning and find that it cuts into our evenings. Other than that, I believe that our group is awesome and I know from previous conversations with others that this is not only my concern, but others too, so we should all be able to work together to make things run smoothly from here on out.
Have a good sleep, I'm sorry I'm sending this late

Alexa Smith
Having an amazing time here. Things are really cool, very different lifestyle. We got to ride camels, I named mine Tino, he had a bit of an attitude problem but we bonded and it was good! Shout out to my family and friends reading this! Message me if you actually read this!!

Ray Stannard
The trip has been good, I know baggage isn’t anyone’s fault so I don’t fault the trip for that. I think more firm instruction would help though. We don’t seem to make destinations in a timely manner and when the bus stops and there is no announcement its confusing and everyone takes a bit longer!

The suitcases have been retrieved and now all is right with the world. Until I can send again. Shalom.

PS. Pictures to follow.

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Hey everyone. Hope you are having an amazing experience. Sucks about the luggage. The desert sounds like a highlight. We are the anti-Morocco trip as far as being on time. If you are late we leave without you. It has been close for some to be on time but we are training them!

by jonaway

Love the pictures! What an adventure, and the personal messages are great, hope to see more soon!

by tammyfam5

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